Friday, February 18, 2011

Riding the Sweet Nutastic!

Cancer.  Cancer.  Cancer. I am aware that I said I would continue the painful description of my parental units, but I forgot the date and have been overtaken in the spirit of celebration.  Ok, celebration is an exaggeration, but I am pretty damn grateful on this day of days.  It is four years to the day that I lost my right testicle to cancer once and for all.  

In the end, it looks like it might turn out ok, but it has been a hard road.  Getting cancer changed me forever, and I don't think all has been for the good.  The Noonday Demons that I had been having some success keeping at bay through a myriad of soul-propping techniques and half-measures no longer will cut it in the face of your own mortality.  It started, the diagnosis and the treatment, the beginning or the long spiral that hopefully has bottomed out in the here and now.  I feel better, in personal and emotional terms, than I have in 20 years.  

So, while my gas tank is empty because of a temporary sleep deficit at the moment, I am feeling pretty upbeat and positive.  Had dinner with my family and a work colleague from overseas who is staying over the weekend.  My darling 5 year old, told him "I have two testicles, but my Daddy only has one, how many do you have?"  


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