Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All's Swell that Ends Swell

I am gassed.  It was that day.  The day that I've been dreading since the balloon went up.  It all began so well... got the kids rolling, all the way to the bus stop when my youngest daughter was in mid-convo with me when she suddenly began to howl at the top of her lungs and started rubbing her right eye...  I felt something I never feel, panic.   It was obvious that something had gone on, but I couldn't fix it... That's not something I think I ever would admit, or even think I've ever felt.

Long story short, got her settled down, assumed it was a eyelash or something and took her to school.  It was cool, and I even got to give my glare of death to the Vice Principal at the school when she questioned whether my daughter was shirking or faking...  My oldest?  The drama queen?  Yup.  My smarty-pants and even keeled girl?   Noppers.   But I left her there and even did something I haven't had the courage to do for a while, I walked into the school office and chewed my courage cud and told them exactly what I wanted them to do if the problem looked like it was getting worse.  

Had a really productive time in the morning at work.  Feeling a little stressed, and was very conscious not to beat myself up to much.  Then I got a phone call that the eye was worse.  I was scared.  

Went and got the girl and it was really obvious something was really wrong.  I was even more terrified.  I don't do that.   Being afraid.  I just bull through.  But I just kept telling myself, and her, that it was going to be ok.  Took her to the ER and after a couple of hours and lots of little girl screaming about strange people wanting to look into her sore eye, it turns our she scratched her cornea, about 3cm's worth, no idea how/where/when. 

I was very conscious of just comforting her, just telling her the things and doing the things that I told myself I had wished someone would say to me in the same situation.  But emotionally, already compromised, I am overfull.   I am exhausted. I don't do this emotional, feeling stuff.  These are muscles that just never get used.  Frankly, I need some comfort myself... 

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